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Mosquito control begins with a comprehensive assessment of the site, paying special attention to sources of standing water near the affected structure. We employ a larvicide in conjunction with an adulticide to eradicate mosquito populations. To prevent mosquito larvae from maturing into adults, larvicides are applied in standing water where mosquitoes deposit their eggs. Adulticides are used to kill biting, breeding adults. Your state-licensed specialist will recommend treatments to lower your mosquito population based on the level of infestation. A larvicidal treatment will be applied to sources of standing water where mosquitos breed. We employ a long-lasting adulticide spread treatment near the water, in the vegetation structure, to prevent adult mosquitoes from establishing themselves.

IMM strategies are employed in concert with insecticide. These include source reduction, which incorporates physical control (digging ditches and ponds in the target marsh) and biological control [placing live mosquito fish (Gambusia) in the ditches and ponds to eat mosquito larvae]. Other non-chemical control methods include invertebrate predators, parasites and diseases to control mosquito larvae. Adult mosquito biological control by means of birds, bats, dragonflies and frogs has been employed by various agencies. However, supportive data is anecdotal and there is no documented study to show that bats, purple martins, or other predators consume enough adult mosquitoes to be effective control agents.

Working Process

The most common insects that are found everywhere in the atmosphere are the mosquitoes so it's required for mosquito control or mosquito pest control services. Different type’s mosquitoes that are expert in the spreading of different diseases like malaria, dengue, chicken guinea, etc. are found easily anywhere. Any age group people can be attacked by mosquitoes very easily as the blood of human and animal attract them which is followed by biting

The problem of the mosquitoes are arises more during the monsoon season. They can easily breed in the accumulated water and dirty places. Easily found abundantly and can hide easily anywhere irrespective of any places. The more the greenery the more mosquitoes you can find.Their population increases, so fast that they sometimes reach to such an extent that controlling becomes very tough. Different types of the diseases are spread by mosquito and the diseases are so vulnerable that causes death in many cases.

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