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We offer specialized pest control services, products and equipment with a dedicated work force. It was in the name of "pest control services". Since our inception, We have been focused on honing our expertise through experience, innovation and customer feedback.

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Bombay Pesticides provides effective and eco friendly pest control services in Mumbai since 2001

If you need our Pest Control Services in Mumbai Call Us @ +91 8591966127 - Lowest Price, Quality Assured By Bombay Pesticides Services 24 hours Helpline.We provide you professional pest management solutions. Our advanced active ingredients and formulations are unique and innovative.

Our services include both inspection and treatment. Our staff are well experienced and well trained in the field of effective pest management and ensure customer satisfaction through efficient service. We provide you safe and simple solutions for home and business with 100% result.

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Pest Control in Mumbai

Pest Control Services in Mumbai, Bombay Pesticides

Bombay Pesticides have been solving all pest issues for commercial and residential customers for over a decade now. Bombay was founded with the focus on offering an customer focused service to all our clients. Our aim has always been to provide professionalism and quality. We believe that an excellent pest control begins with satisfied customer service delivered by out highly trained technicians. All our technicians are trained continuously on the new techniques and products and we are confident the our team is capable and well equipped to handle any types of pest problems as per requirements of our clients.

We use the most latest and modern pest control techniques and technology , be it any kind of pest problems with type of pests such as rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, bedbugs, wasps or ants or termites we are here to provide a speedy, discreet pest control services.

Best Pest control services along with competitive rates

We specialize in providing commercial and residential pest control services in Mumbai. Whether your premises is an company, factory, godown, industrial warehouse, schools, hospitals or any commercial and residential unit we have our highly trained technicians here to take care of your premises and provide you with the best and suitable pest prevention and control service.

Bombay Pesticides provides with the highest level of possible service to our clients and our aim is to leave each and every customer feel happy on the pest control service provided. Be it any type of pest control we have tailored treatment to suit the needs of our clients and this will help you deal with any pest problems that you may be facing with ease. All our treatments are carried out effectively, promptly and ensure that complete professionalism is maintained. Call Bombay Pesticides (+91 8591966127) for any free site inspection and quotation. we would be there to address your issues and solve your pest problems.


Pest Control Services

We offer various kinds of effective Pest Control Solutions, by a team of professional and experienced staff, we provide a comprehensive range of pest control services to tackle the commonly found pests.


Termite Control in Mumbai

A professional Termite control in Mumbai is an efficient way to get rid of termite problems from your surroundings. This can be achieved by calling Pest Quit team to inspect the effected areas thoroughly. We use pesticide chemicals also known as Termiticides to fill or spray on the infected area.

Cockroach Control in Mumbai

Being a best Cockroach Control in Mumbai, Our pest control treatment will safeguard your home against invasions by Cockroaches and other pests, and will help you retain its value. Even if you have a current invasion, BPC can wipe it out quickly and safely, and will ensure it never returns.


Bed Bugs Control in Mumbai

Our bed bugs treatment Mumbai offers a quick relief approach to bed bugs. The bed bugs pest control service has a warranty to ensure your problem. Bed Bugs Control in Mumbai would take time depending upon the severity of infestation. Book professional bed bugs pest control treatment services in Mumbai by trained professionals.

Fly Control in Mumbai

Flies could be a genuine pest should they be flying about. However they also can transfer illnesses, therefore it is crucial to eliminate them. Fly Control in Mumbai will have to often as common as it appears. They like factors and corners or thin things to relax on. In the house, they relaxation on surfaces, rooms, and roofs through the day.

Lizard Control in Mumbai

Bombay Pesticides is a reputed and established pest control company that offers a safe lizard pest control in Mumbai, at a cost-effective price for all customers. Lizards are common pests at homes, offices, factories, and offices. These are mostly occurring in and around the home, commercial offices, and residential property.

Rat Control in Mumbai

Bombay Pesticides Services offers one of the best Rat control services in Mumbai. Our affordable Rodent pest control services are unmatched, we can help you get rid of rodents efficiently, by using advanced in house technology that is compliant with the International Food Safety standards. We offer complete eco-friendly solutions.

Ant Control in Mumbai

BPC offers Ant Control in Mumbai for both domestic and commercial customers. Getting rid of ants in your home : Although several homeowners struggle with do-it-yourself ant control solutions, the results are often less than satisfactory. Small obstacles can expand into extended ones and this is when many people seek out the services of a pest control professional.

Mosquitoes Control in Mumbai

Mosquitoes Control in Mumbai begins with a comprehensive assessment of the site, paying special attention to sources of standing water near the affected structure. We employ a larvicide in conjunction with an adulticide to eradicate mosquito populations. To prevent mosquito larvae from maturing into adults, larvicides are applied in standing water where mosquitoes deposit their eggs.



We cater the pest control services in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

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Pest Control Services in Mumbai and Charges

Are you looking for the best quality pest control services in Mumbai? Do you want to get the best service for pest management at your home or office in Mumbai? Worried about cockroaches and rates? Are termites consuming your furniture? Are mosquitoes and bedbugs making your nights uncomfortable?

Well, you don’t need to worry at all. You probably need to hire the best quality pest control service from one of the best pest control companies in Mumbai. If you are looking for the best company to hire a pest management service in Mumbai, then your search ends here at Bombay Pesticides. We will help you hire the best service for pest control at your home or office in Mumbai.

Best and Affordable Pest Control Services at Your Door Step

To ensure the best quality service at your locality, we have tied up with top-notch and dependable pest management companies from all across Mumbai. This has enabled us to serve you at your doorstep. In whatever locality of Mumbai you want to get the pest control service, we will ensure the best service availability there.

Furthermore, we will let you hire pest management services at a price that you can afford. By booking a pest control service with us, you can also save money. Since we are partnered with several pest management companies, we will provide you free quotations from multiple vendors. This will be a great opportunity for you. You can save money by comparing the different price quotes.

With the help of top-notch pest control companies from Mumbai, we are providing a comprehensive range of services for the extermination of different types of pests from residential or commercial buildings. This means we are providing services for both pest control for residences, and commercial establishments as well.

We have been in this business for several years and over the years have earned a huge reputation, expertise and experience when it comes to delivering the highest standards of service to customers.

We are the No.1 Pest Control Services in Mumbai

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Pest Control by Bombay Pesticides

Highlights Of Our Service And Products We Care, And Show It To Our Customers By:

  • Using 100 % natural products leaving no toxic residue in customers treated premises.
  • Responding within 1 – 4 hours during normal business hours.
  • Our technicians are specially trained to adapt to each customer's specific needs like elderly care, kids safety, pet care etc.
  • Providing thorough and quality services by going beyond the normal time spent on accounts and treatment methods.
  • Ensuring that all technicians are capable of addressing pest control inquiries and concerns.
  • Our Office staffs are highly capable of managing, dispatching and monitoring all pest control service request.
  • On staff Entomologist for consultation, training ensures safety, and special service requests.
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